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The principle of Home Needling is that the “micro-needles” puncture the horny layer of the epidermis, which is the main obstruction to penetration of active ingredients. Once this layer has been breached, the active ingredients in the Environ skincare products can reach into the depths of the skin about 10,000 times more effectively (depending on how used) than by simply applying the products topically.

Medical Needling is the process that is done in a Clinic under an Aesthetician or Doctor’s guidance where topical anaesthetic is applied to the surface of the skin. The skin is then rolled or needled to create tiny holes which in turn causes the wound healing process and a cascade of growth factors are triggered by the tiny pricks. There is no damage to the skin other than a slight “sun-burnt” feeling and the skin should return to normal the next day. This cascade of growth factors promotes smoother, healthier skin. It is important to prep the skin with Environ active Vitamin A and C products which should also be used post-treatment for healthier collagen and elastin formation.

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