About the team at Beauty Grace

Beauty Grace are made up of an exceptional team of Beauty Therapists, Senior Skin Consultants and Paramedical qualified experts. Simply put, we’re very good at what we do.

Beauty Grace is an Australian owned and operated Beauty Salon and Medispa, in the heart of Sydney CBD. We are located on the Lower Ground of 130 Pitt St, inside of the L’Etoile hair salon. We provide premium skin care treatments coupled with professional advice and consultation, to both men & women. Backed by our 100% satisfaction and pricing guarantee, you can have confidence in having your beauty treatments with us.

Instead of false promises or exaggerated claims, our treatments focus on restoring you to optimum skin and body health for everybody in Sydney. We combine expert advice with exceptional clinical skin care practices. We are passionate at delivering premier customer service utilising contemporary skin care techniques.

Are we the best Beauty Salon/Medispa in Sydney?

Well, we don’t really know for sure, but we certainly believe we are – based on our high level of client returns and on-going word of mouth referrals we get from our clients.

Humble beginnings…

Beauty Grace started in 2002, out at a humble Broadway based street shop. We quickly out-grown the shop, thus moving to the heart of the Sydney CBD (considering, the majority of our clients are based in the CBD) was inevitable. Our core philosophies were very simple. Build a business around people, for people.


portrait of Corinne McManus


Skin Therapist

With 27 years experience in the industry, it’d be safe to say that Corinne has seen everything in the industry. She even says so herself – “I’ve seen everything!” 🙂
Corinne owned her own business from a very young age and has fulfilled various senior therapist roles. Corinne is most passionate about skin care treatments, that returns the best value for her clients.
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portrait of Anna


Skin Therapist

Anna is a skin therapist with over 27 years experience in the industry. Anna is a very bright and passionate beauty therapist. She has the passion recognises each client as unique individual and takes professional pride in designing skin care treatments and routines on a case by case basis. Her caring manner when treating clients, ensures she is always in high demand.

“For smoother, brighter, refined and luminous skin, it’s all about cellular renewal” I have on offer, many types of treatments, such as skin treatments, professional peels and microdermabrasion, that can obtain these results. I often combine technologies, such as professional peels with Light therapy skin rejuvenation, where we can work on not only renewing the skin, but also help heal and strengthen it. Once strengthened, your skin will in turn re-produce collagen and elastin by stimulating the cells, leaving you with firm, plump and hydrated skin.




portrait of monica


Cosmetic Embroidery & Bridal Makeup Specialist

Ever since I was a young girl, I have had an artist flare and regularly drew, sketched and painted artwork that particularly focused on the natural beauty of women. “Ones eyes are the windows to ones soul”  and our eyebrows only accentuate that. I have been an eyebrow specialist for over 10 years, and the joy I see the eyes of my clients when I help them achieve the look they have always dreamed of through feather stroke tattoo is the most important part of my job. I believe that there is no greater feeling than changing your look permanently for the better, to help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. I have had nothing but positive feedback for the duration of the time I have been an eyebrow specialist.

portrait of Irene


Body Slimming Therapist

Irene Yimsung has been in the beauty industry since 1978. She was trained in London and has received the highest Diploma (CIDESCO INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA) which is widely recognized around the world. She has received many other beauty diplomas, is a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and is also a full first grade member of the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia. She owns and manages the Rapha Beauty Slimming Centre and with her qualifications and experience. With her expertise of wide experiences and knowledge many clients have benefited through Irene’s advice in terms of health, confidence in outlook and more youthful.


portrait of Atusa


Eyelash Therapist

Beauty Grace is so happy to welcome Atusa to the team. Atusa has many year of experience in the Beauty Industry and a talented lash technician who bring more than decade of experience in the application of eyelash extensions. The quest for long, luscious lashes has given rise to trends such as magnetic lashes and growth serums however Atusa believes that eyelash extensions are still the fastest and safest way to achieve lash length and volume. Atusa uses only premium faux mink extensions and top quality adhesive to achieve a flawless, natural look which can be easily maintained with regular refills and basic at-home beauty care.

portrait of Amy


Manager & Skin Care Consultant

Amy, manages all operations and heads up all our training activities. Amy brings on board her many years of beauty therapy experience, coupled with a strong background in finance and leadership roles. Amy is meticulous at everything she does, so Beauty Grace runs the way it does – as a very tight ship.


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