Serene Skin Care

Cosmeceutical engineered formulations designed to bring medical strength products to the skin care professional
The cosmeceutical formulations developed by Serene Professional Skin Care lend strong power to Serene products for outstanding medical efficiency – we harness medical power with the dedication of true skin care professionals.

Formulas and active ingredients born from over 20 years of medical research
The products featured in the Serene Professional Skin Care line are not jus fancy ingredients. Behind our products are two decades of careful medical research to ensure that they deliver the best results you can achieve. We are committed to employing formulas and ingredients tested in long periods of use and proved their effectiveness. We rely on medical research which shows the best formulas and ingredients – they are in the basis of our Serene Professional Skin Care products.

Highest percentage of active ingredients compared to 90% of competing products
Serene Professional Skin Care products win with each comparison to peers in each skin care category. Comparing Serene products with other similar skin care lines shows that in 90 percent of comparisons, our skin care products feature higher percentages and superior quality ingredients. This is strong proof of why you should choose Serene products developed on the basis of medical research and recommendations by medical doctors. We strive for quality and client satisfaction, not for maximum business profits with cheaper products. Serene skin care products are sometimes more expensive, but we do not economize on the percentage of ingredients needed.

Medical results without a prescription
Serene Professional Skin Care is your best choice to achieve medical results without needing prescriptions. A number of Serene products comprise ingredients that are equal in percentage and pH values to medically prescribed products. By trying our glycolic acid and ceramide products, two of our range of such efficient care products, you will be rewarded with outstanding results for your skin.

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