Synergie Skin Dermiotic



A pre-serum elixir to boost the skin’s resistance to physical and chemical aggressors.


Dermiotic tackles the underlying causes of acne, ageing, sun damage and sensitivity rather than just masking them. Suitable for all skin types, it assists in relieving symptoms of skin stress such as dullness, irritation and redness. The probiotic lysate together with the prebiotic skin nutrition, restores skin balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria, and prevents the triggers of skin inflammation. Optimise your skin health and restore your natural glow with this synergistic blend of pre and probiotics.

How to use

Dermiotic is a lightweight skin balancing elixir and is a ‘clean science’ substitute for traditional ‘toner’. After cleansing, prep the skin by applying 3-4 drops into the palm of your hand and gently pat into the face and neck. Allow a few minutes before following with serums and moisturiser best suited to your skin type.


  • Prebiotic (Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide) A nutrient source for the good bacteria on the skin whilst inhibiting the growth of harmful skin bacteria
    • Improves the barrier strength of the skin and amplifies the positive probiotic effects on the skinProbiotic complex (Bifida ferment lysate, lactose, milk nutrient complex) – 
    • Provides the optimal environment for skin balance and cell processes
    • Enhances blood flow, promotes healthy vessels for transfer of skin nutrients and removal of toxins
    • Relieves symptoms of skin stress including redness, irritation and environmental damage
    • Reduces water loss and dermal damage to collagen and elastin for a more hydrated, firmer and more resilient skin


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