Facial area waxing for Women (select area)

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See how to get a lower price. Backed by our 100% satisfaction promise, you can have confidence in having your beauty treatments at Beauty Grace.

Not all waxing treatments are made equal.

Beauty Grace has a strict 100% no re-dipping policy for all our waxing services, in accordance with NSW health regulations, providing a truly quality waxing facility in Sydney CBD.  We cater for both men and women waxing treatments in Sydney. Please see our article on our brazilian waxing treatment. Backed by our 100% satisfaction promise, you can have confidence in having your beauty treatments at Beauty Grace.

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Why wax with Beauty Grace?

Beauty Grace utilises only premium grade Australian made wax, designed for Australian conditions. It was developed to make waxing as painless as possible and to provide superior adhesion to the shortest of hairs, thus leaving the skin perfectly clean and silky smooth. Ingredients such as extract chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory to cool and to calm delicate skin, and titanium dioxide which makes it great for sensitive areas, thus reducing redness and hypo-allergenic properties.

Our strict NO re-dip policy

Beauty Grace has a strict 100% NO re-dip policy for ALL our waxing treatments, complying with NSW health regulations. All waxing spatulas are disposable. Ask your current waxer if they re-dip!

What is wrong with re-dipping?

Re-dipping is the act of re-using the used waxing spatula. This spatula is usually made of steel (most common) or wood. By re-dipping the spatula, this saves time and resources, thus cutting costs. However, this act introduces bacteria, germs and even human blood into the wax pot. This same wax pot is then used by hundreds of clients, breeding a cocktail of bacteria and germs, waiting to be transferred to the next client! Beauty Grace has a strict NO re-dipping policy, where all our waxing spatulas are disposable and never re-dipped into the wax pot.

The finishing touch…

After the wax, we apply a professional post-wax oil to help loosen any residue wax from your skin. We would then remove all traces of wax and oil with a fresh and clean hot towel. Finally, we apply a professional moisturising cream, to help reduce surface bacteria, add moisture to fresh skin, leaving a pleasant lavender and chamomile smell.

Full face waxing includes the cheek, side of the cheek, lip and forehead with our premium Australian made hot wax applied and removed.

Do we offer the cheapest waxing in Sydney?

No. Nor is it the most expensive in town either. What we do know is, we do offer the BEST VALUE waxing services in Sydney, hands down! We promise.


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