Eyelash and Brow Tinting

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Tinted eyelashes the eyes look more vivid, even in the morning upon waking, they look more expressive. In addition eyelash tinting is extremely practical and time saving, because daily application of mascara isn’t necessary. 

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Should You Try Lash & Brow Tinting?

When using mascara individual lashes stick together creating unpleasant clumps With tinted eyelashes there is no such problem, because the colour penetrates into each individual lash – without sticking them together or producing clumps. Particularly for contact lense wearers eyelash tinting is ideal as they frequently suffer because the fine mascara particles irritate the eyes. For sport enthusiasts eyelash and brow tinting is perfect, as it is water resistant for weeks even when sweating it doesn’t smear or run. The colour lasts up to 6 weeks. During this period new eyelashes and eyebrows grow and should be tinted again. The best results are achieved when applying the tint regularly, because with each tint application the colour will penetrate deeply into the eyelashes leaving them more intensely and durably coloured.

Beauty Grace use a world-leading brand Refectocil is today prominently represented in more than 50 countries. Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow tints have been proven and recognised due to millions of successful applications as the leading product for more than 60 years.

Making it last

Eyelash & Brow tinting treatment will last about four to six weeks. However, you can build upon your tints to keep the look from fading over time. Another way to keep up the color? “Avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, or wipes, “They will dissolve your tints faster.” As for makeup, “wearing mascara or brow pencil over your tint is absolutely fine!”

Is a Skin Sensitivity Test/Patch Test necessary?
YES YES & YES! There are a small number of individuals who may have an allergic reaction to tints, hair dyes and other chemical treatments. It is only in rare situations that the reaction can be severe. The comfort of the client is essential – to eliminate any discomfort eyelash tint strongly recommends a skin sensitivity test be performed before EVERY application. Even people who have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted regularly can still have an allergic reaction.

Can pregnant women have their eyelashes and eyebrows tinted?
Our policy for pregnant women is that it must be the clients decision. Pregnant women should NOT be advised to have any chemical treatment unless it is their choice to do so. Each individual is different and again if they choose to proceed with the treatment the skin sensitivity/patch test MUST be performed at least 24 hours before the treatment.

Is eyelash and eyebrow tinting also suitable for men?
Colouring of hair, brows and lashes was for a long time the sole domain of woman. But with the consistently rising number of men, who attach particular importance to personal care, men have discovered the incomparable advantages of eyelash and eyebrow tints: to look simply better with longer and more voluminous lashes and brows. Lasting up to 6 weeks! With an eyelash and eyebrow tint men can finally give themselves a little “help”, in order to emphasize their eyes.

Are Tinting products tested on animals?
Our tinting products are NOT tested on animals.

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