Blomdahl Medical Plastic Butterfly Earrings


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Looking for safe earrings for children? Truly nickel free earrings for everyone? Blomdahl medical plastic earrings are 0% metal and thus 0% nickel. There are no better hypoallergenic earrings available.


Product description

The 5mm Medical Plastic Butterfly features a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal set in the safest material, Medical Plastic. These nickel free earrings guarantee comfort and safety!

Medical plastic dangle earrings with a Light Rose Butterfly Swarovski crystal in a 5mm setting hanging from a Light Rose Swarovski crystal stud in a 4mm setting.

Light Rose Butterfly Pendant, this Swarovski butterfly dangle earrings are stylish and safe because they hang from Blomdahl medical grade titanium ear hooks. No metal is safer for human skin. The FDA actually approves medical grade titanium for use inside the human body. If you are concerned about nickel allergy you cannot buy safer earrings. This earring features an adorable 8mm Light Rose Swarovski butterfly Pendant (about 5/8″) that hangs on our medical grade ear hooks.


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