Blog: An Extension of Your Skincare

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If you are going to wear makeup every day, surely you want to know that it is good for your skin? jane iredale mineral makeup is unique, it gives skin both a beautiful glow and a boost of skin quenching ingredients, that gives even the most dull, lifeless skin, a natural healthy finish. Jane, has always lived by the motto of ‘The best cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin’, so no matter how many layers of luxurious foundations and powders you apply, the health of your skin is key. That’s why our ethos is all about letting your skin breathe and maintaining the health of your complexion, rather than masking and disguising it. We stay true to our roots; we are and always have been “The Skincare Makeup”. What makes our brand so different from so many brands is that our range is packed with pure mineral pigment combined with skin-loving ingredients. Some dermal clinicians have even described it as “an extension of your skincare!”.

Post-Treatment Makeup

Have you had a lactic peel or laser treatment before? Chances are you’ve seen jane iredale in the clinic and your therapist/nurse has recommended the products post treatment. This is because jane iredale makeup is safe to use on even the most sensitive skins, which makes it the perfect camouflage makeup after any skin treatment, when your skin is clean and fresh. Our range came to fruition after Jane saw the effects of heavy traditional makeup on models and actresses, causing breakouts, sensitivities and reactions. Traditional makeup is filled with talc, preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes and all sorts of skin-damaging ingredients, which have no real place in an effective, skin-loving skincare program.

The Pioneer in Mineral Makeup

The jane iredale range was the first of its kind, a makeup range that was good for the skin. A range that eliminated the common nasties found in conventional makeup. jane iredale actually delivered skincare benefits while concealing and camouflaging skin imperfections or simply evening out the skin to look flawless behind the camera. This meant patients, actresses and everyday women could (and still can!) reap the benefits of high quality skin care even when you’re wearing a complete face of jane iredale makeup.

Our products allow you to enjoy flawless looking skin in an instant while improving the quality of your skin over time. The jane iredale range is an extension of your skin care, allowing your skin to breathe and reap the benefits of active ingredients wherever the day (or night!) might take you.

Do you need a makeup bag detox? Take a look at your makeup products and their ingredient list, are you aware of the chemicals and preservatives lurking in your products? If you’re indulging in regular skin treatments, suffer from reactive and easily irritated skin, or simply want to put the health of your complexion first, refresh your beauty bag with jane iredale products. Discover our range of mineral makeup Jane Iredale 


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