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Captain, Senior Skin Specialist.

Having only been in Australia for more than 20 years, I started with a vocabulary of about 10 English words. I think I must have at least 20 by now. 🙂

I’ve always been a keen enthusiast prior to becoming a beauty therapist. It wasn’t too hard to jump-ship after being in financial services & administration ever since my late teens.

Proud to boast, I totally aced my Beauty Therapy course, with the view of being in business as soon as possible. Beauty Grace was born, with little to no budget. It certainly wasn’t easy. On top of this, becoming a mother for the first time, was nevertheless extremely challenging but very rewarding at the same time. It was like giving birth twice, at the same time.

15 years on, I’ve helped built a great business together with a great team of very capable and experienced beauty therapists, whilst never shying away from admitting to making mistakes along the way.

Looking forward to the next chapters… 🙂

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