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Over the last 17 years I have been privileged to work in some wonderful spas and schools around the world. This has taught me that no matter where in the world you are, everybody is after the same thing – brilliant radiant skin.

I believe they want fast, effective and visible results for their skin. Second to this, they want to feel relaxed. They want to feel like they are in the hands of someone with experience, and most importantly in the hands of someone who cares about them and their skin care goals.

It is gaining this knowledge that I have developed a philosophy that my treatments will cover all aspects of this.

I want to offer my clients an expert skin diagnosis and analysis, taking time to discuss with them their skin challenges and needs. This allows me to then prescribe the best suited treatment plan so I can carry out a fast and effective treatment all the while providing a wonderful opportunity to unwind and relax in expert hands.

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