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Visible lines and wrinkles, skin discolorations, loss of firmness and elasticity are all preliminary signs of aging. 90% of all premature aging is due to harmful external factors, such as sun and pollution – and internal factors, such as stress, smoking and diet. Our Anti-Aging treatment can help combat these early signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, improving skins texture and increasing elasticity.

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Beauty Grace’s Ice Breaker Cleanse & A touch of tone

This rich, creamy, non-foaming cleanser gently lifts impurities while replenishing dry skin and maintaining moisture levels. Antioxidant vitamins C and E improve skin smoothness and help control free radical damage. Water-soluble emulsion softens, leaving the skin clean, soft, and supple. Our cleanse is used together with a facial steamer with a skin spatula ultrasonic for added effectiveness. The skin scrubber/spatula utilizes ultrasound technology to gently exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells and impurities. Ultrasonic waves help loosen and remove oil, dirt, and cellular debris from pores in order to achieve a noticeably radiant, healthy glow. A refreshing antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties to improve skin texture, fight damaging free radicals and intensely hydrate alipoid, dehydrated skin.

A Comprehensive Skin Analysis

A clear picture of the current state of your skin, from which treatment can be made by our skin therapist is established. In almost all cases, skin analysis allows our skin therapists to take control of their skincare in the right way, and by detecting any possible issues early, thus picking up underlying conditions you might not have known you had, such as broken capillaries and pigmentation.  In addition, your skin type will also be determined. This is an important part of assessing whether or not your skincare regime is appropriate for you.

Resurfacing Exfoliation

A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture and enhance penetration of age-fighting actives into skin, while advanced technology ingredients condition and treat the skin. The exfoliate promote skin firmness, and enhance penetration of age-fighting vitamins into skin. Antioxidants help suppress the formation of collagen-degrading MMPs, brighten skin tone, defend against damaging free radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species) and help promote skin firmness.

AGE Lift Facial Massage

A world-Class facial massage, emerge from your luxurious ultra-pampering, this treatment is designed to re-harmonise the to leave you relaxed, revived and encourages blood flow, stimulates sebaceous production, increases muscle tone, detoxifies acid waste in the tissues and muscles, thus relaxing the nerves and lends itself towards the oxygenation of the skin.

Not forgetting of course, this just happens to be the most rewarding, pampering and relaxing part of the treatment.

Collagen Lift Mask & Moisturiser

An ultra-replenishing, antioxidant rich masque that helps rescue stressed and aging skin. A multi-action anti-ageing mask that acts radiance and smoothing leaves the skin supple, restores radiance and an active gel texture for a stretch effect and tighten the lines are smoothed, the complexion is revitalised and more radiant. A powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration

The skin appears regenerated, smoother, and firmer. It becomes radiant and comfortable again with anti-ageing cream application to reveal the essence of younger skin and help prevent advanced signs of ageing and the loss of substance and radiance.

Light Therapy for Radiant Skin

LED Light Therapy is a painless, non-surgical, and totally natural way of treating fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin firmness wound healing, and acne skin conditions. Turn back time or reduce the appearance of acne, even scarring with the appropriate light. Skin is bathed in light with the Omnilux Red Revive for the fine lines and wrinkles, to boost collagen and plump up the skin. Also helps to clear and decongest skin as well as refine pores. As an introductory offer an additional $65 combine this treatment with LigthWave red light therapy for an exponential gain in hydration.

A little more…

The truth about aging skin, is that as we grow older, our skin experiences several significant changes. The skin’s natural support system begins to break down, causing fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Additionally, the skin’s surface begins to show dark and light spots, roughness and redness. Even though our skin does naturally age, research has shown that 90% of premature again is due to harmful environmental elements, particularly UV radiation or sun exposure, but also stress, pollution, smoking, pesticides, and other modern-day hazards.

It is possible to have prematurely aged skin even if the tell-tale wrinkles and lines are not visible. By the time most people are 18, the skin has absorbed more than enough UV-A and UV-B rays, the most damaging of environmental aggressors. In fact, daily outdoor activities, from support to even a simple stroll on a cloudy day can amount to years of UV exposure. Our skin never forgets this exposure, which can cause the skin to look older than our actual years.

Expert guidance for Ageing skin

Professional treatments or services ensure that your skin is always kept in top condition. Regularly seeing a skincare professional ensures that you get the right advice about your skin as it changes. We all have a basic skin type, but as skincare expert, we recognise that your complexion can change from day to day due to changes in environment, hormones and lifestyle. Don’t let your skin make you look older than you feel. Use key ingredients such as Vitamin A, Glycolic acid and Hyaluronic Acid to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin texture. Keep your skin well hydrated by using moisturisers that balances skin lipids and natural moisture levels. Achieve the highest level of results possible with professional peels to visit your skin care professional.


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