Blomdahl Silver Medical Grade Titanium


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Blomdahl titanium styles feature medical grade titanium. This ensures truly nickel free earrings. There is no safer metal for your jewelry needs. If hypoallergenic earrings are what you are looking for, you have found them!


Product description

Earrings developed in consultation with skin specialists, in pure medical titanium with crystal stones. All Metals contain at least some trace amounts of nickel. Titanium is the safest of all metals because it binds what little nickel is present extremely well. In other words, little or no nickel is released into the blood stream. Titanium can be tolerated by almost everyone. Please note – Blomdahl uses only pure medical grade titanium. This is different from the titanium used in most jewellery. All our stones are genuine Swarovski crystals.

Blomdahl Silver Titanium Earrings are rhodium plated for a bright “white” finish. Just as bright as white gold or well polished silver. Important – we take care to hand plate the earrings so no rhodium comes in contact with the skin, only pure medical grade titanium touches the skin. That’s Skin-Friendly!

  • Hypoallergenic Silver Titanium 4mm Crystal Earrings. This earrings feature a beautiful Swarovski Crystal set in our elegant and safe medical grade titanium. There is no more nickel free metal. The measurement is the whole setting. 4mm is about the size of 1/4 carat diamonds.
  • 5mm Silver medical grade titanium Star is fabulous and nickel free!
  • Silver Titanium 6mm Puck Earrings. earrings have rhodium plating on the bezel (jewellery part only), this does not come into direct contact with your ear. Only the hypoallergenic titanium comes into contact with your skin.
  • Silver Titanium 5mm Ball Earrings. These traditional silver coloured ball earrings are 5mm in diameter, a little bigger than 1/8 inch. Made with our medical grade titanium they are stylish and safe and comfortable.
  • Silver Titanium Tiffany Square White 9mm. Blomdahl Silver Titanium Diamond Simulant (Cubic Zirconia)
  • Silver Titanium Tiffany Square Black 5mm, Blomdahl Silver Titanium Diamond Simulant (Cubic Zirconia)
  • Silver Titanium 8mm Half Ball Earrings, is big and bold – and safe!

silver-titanium-5mm-star-earrings-9 silver-titanium-earrings large-silver-ball-14 blomdahl-sti-puck_LRG new-silver-titanium-bezel-crystal-with-6mm-stone-5 silver-titanium-5mm-star-earrings-3 ST Square Crystalhalfballsilv ST Black Diamond Bezel silvblctit


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