Frequently asked questions about Micro-pigmentation Eyebrow Makeup

We get asked these, a lot

Here are the most common “real” questions clients have asked us over the last 6 years. Hopefully these answers will give you a better idea about Micro-pigmentation eyebrow makeup.

Who can benefit from such a treatment?

Persons who:

  • have over-plucked their eyebrow hair
  • have gaps or scars where the hair has not grown back
  • are suffering from Alopecia (hair loss), weak or light hair
  • want a particular shape for their eyebrows
Is it safe?

Absolutely. Beauty Grace is compliant with all NSW state health requirements, using disposable medical grade needles and sterilisation of equipment beyond requirements.

What colour pigments are used?

We use quality pigment lotions based in iron oxide, a safe non-reactive substance. The pigment lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin. Pigment lotions are inorganic (meaning they are semi-permanent). A powder is suspended into a solution of distilled water and glycerin which results in a smooth creamy liquid.

Will it look natural?

Yes, cosmetic embroidery looks as if you applied a pencil, a little softer and more muted. Immediately after the treatment the colour will appear stronger and darker for the first 7-14 days. After that, you can lose approximately 50-60% of complete colour during the healing process within 7-14 days.

Is there any down time?

The majority of people don’t need to take time off work. There is usually no swelling with the eyebrow treatments, however this can vary from person to person depending on levels of sensitivity.

How many treatments do I require?

In most cases, only the initial treatment, followed by the top-up treatment. However, in rare cases you may require 1 or 2 more treatments. This will be made aware to you up-front prior to any commitment. Also, if you have a build up of dead skin cells this may inhibit the pigment taking to your skin, so it is recommended that you ex-foliate the area regularly.

How do I care for my new brows?
  • Avoid washing the area in the first 24 hours
  • Avoid any exfoliants during the healing process (7-14 days)
  • Avoid swimming pools, the beach, steam rooms and saunas during the healing process (7-14 days).
  • Apply after-care products recommended by us.
So what is involved?

Firstly our cosmetic eyebrow embroidery expert will pencil and outline on our brows to a shape that is to your liking. A full consultation to determine the colour and style that suits your needs takes place, then a brow tidy up will follow and anesthetic cream will be applied to the area to minimise your discomfort. Your pigment colour will then be applied to your skin finishing off with a soothing lotion to help with your healing process.

How long does it last?

The results will last an estimate of between 6 months to 13 months. However this will vary, depending on several factors such as your metabolism and skin cell turnover rate as well as how deeply you elect to have the colour deposited. For instance, some clients may only want a very light effect and therefore the specialist combines a lighter pigment colour with a shallower deposit than normal, resulting to a lesser lasting result.

How much does it cost?

We get this a lot. See pricing here.

How is it different from conventional cosmetic tattoos?

The differences are, tattoos penetrate up to 1.6mm into the dermis layer, causing a reaction between your cells and the ink, and the pigments will be absorbed deeper into your skin over time. The colour will change over time also, turning either green-ish or blue-ish. (I think we’ve all seen this before, not a great look!) The only way to remove tattoos is to have it laser removed. Whereas micro-pigmentation penetrates only half that (~0.7mm or less) into the epidermis layer. The eyebrow artist will customise your brow and arch to suit your face shape and add colour using fine “sewing strokes”. In terms of colour, micro-pigmentation will fade to a more natural colour (instead of green!) in time.

I had eyebrows tattooed and it has been very light. I did it 6 years ago. Can I have still have this treatment performed?

Yes. Micro-pigmentation eyebrow makeup is also suitable for clients with previous eyebrow tattoo experience. Many of our clients have had eyebrow tattoo done in the past before coming to Beauty Grace for eyebrow micro-pigmentation.

Can you do in lighter colours such as 'dark blonde'?

Yes. We can customise the colour. Consult with the specialist regarding suitability with your skin colour (which is part of the detailed consultation anyhow).

Are you able to do natural looking hairstrokes?


Can I wear makeup after they have healed?

Yes. We highly recommend to use a high quality mineral based makeup such as Jane Iredale.

I have a lot of eyebrow hairs that grow in the wrong direction so am I still able to pluck out hairs after having eyebrow micro-pigmentation?

Yes, but you will need to wait until the minor swelling subsides.

Is this treatment possible for Africans too? I will also like to know how long it's going to last before it begins to fade, and will l be paying the full amount to get it redone after it fades?

Yes, it is possible on darker skin (which is what we presume is being asked). As to how long it will last, depends on many factors such as, diet, exposure to toxins such as smoking and alcohol, and external exposure to the environment (such as excessive sun exposure). Typically you’ll see it lasting between 6 months to 2 years. And yes, once it fades, the full amount is payable for the full treatment.

I tattooed on my eyebrow and it turned blue, which I now don't like the look of. Can eyebrow embroidery cover the blue?

It would be difficult to say. There is a chance that even when we’ve treated the area with eyebrow embroidery, eventually, the tattoo would out-live the embroidery treatment. Meaning, you’ll still see the original tattoo. The best course of action, is to book in for a one-to-one consultation with our specialist, so she can help assess for you better.

How much experience does the Specialist have?

16 years experience locally and internationally.

Is it safe to do micro-pigmentation eyebrow makeup when pregnant?

You will need a written clearance from your doctor to allow you to have this treatment from us. To help explain the treatment, you can send to your doctor the link to this page so he/she can see what the treatment is about, and hopefully make a medical decision. Alternatively, consider having this done postnatal, but we do not recommend having it done while breastfeeding.

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