Things you need to know about making an online booking

Just a few things you need to know, in plain English.

  1. Choose your booking times wisely

    If you’re not sure that you can make the time, then don’t book the time. Please choose a time that you’re almost certain won’t impact your busy timetable.

  2. Not the end of the world…

    If you give us at least 24 business hours notice, we’ll try our best to change your booking times. Nevertheless, this is subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.

  3. However…

    If you give us less than 24 business hours notice:

    1. We will still try very hard to accommodate you, within reason.
    2. But, if you’ve left it to the very last minute, we reserve the right to retain 50% of booked treatments.
  4. No show

    If you do not show for your booked appointment,  we reserve the right to retain 50% of booked treatments.

Retain 50%? Why so harsh?

Well, when you make a booking for a time, you’re making a commitment. Likewise, we’re also making a commitment to be ready with the necessary staff member(s), a room and any other resources and consumables. We also deny other clients whom might want that time slot, so that we are ready to perform the treatments for you upon your arrival. Thus, we needed to implement a simple system which:

  1. Encourages our clients to be timely and be considerate of others.
  2. Rewards our clients for booking online, paying upfront and making that commitment (because it costs less than doing it over the phone or in person)

We certainly do not enjoy retaining fees, due to no-shows or last minute cancellations. Without a doubt, we would very much prefer to give our clients the full value of their booked treatments, and deliver a result!

Wait for your confirmation

Upon your reservation, we will contact you either by email, SMS or phone to confirm your appointment. Your nominated date and time is subject to availability, and is NOT FINAL until you receive a confirmation from us.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.


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