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Brazilian Waxing for Men

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Specifically for the boys. Read our article about Brazilian waxing for more information.

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See our article about Brazilian waxing for more details.

But… specifically for the boys 🙂

Specially crafted for the boys.

What is a male brazilian (or mens’ Brazilian wax)?

The complete removal of all pubic hair in the genital area, excluding the rear area.

Does it hurt?

C’mon boys. Talk about stirring a storm in a teacup! 🙂

Everybody will experience Brazilian waxing somewhat differently because we all have different pain tolerance levels. Most guys will say “Wow, that wasn’t as bad as I first thought!”. Relax.

What if I get an erection?

Our therapists are professional. They’re only there to perform your Brazilian wax, nothing else. During the procedure, the therapist will apply tension by pulling the skin tight in the area that is being worked on, so that they can get ready to apply the necessary pulling force onto the wax strips. YOU WANT a tight skin, otherwise – it’ll hurt more. That’s why you need a professional to have your Brazilian wax done.

Must I shave first?

No. We need at least 5mm of hair, for the wax to grab onto. On average, it is a 3 week growth.

Does the hair grow back?


So how often will I need to wax?

Depends. There are many factors. Hair tends to grow faster during the warmer seasons for a start. Then every bloke is different. Ideally, you’d want to aim for 4-5 weeks because the hair during this time is still new and soft. Hair roots hardens the longer you leave it after a wax.

What if I have some sunburn/heat rash?

First of all, wow! Secondly, you’ll need to wait. Your skin is fragile. Skin (anywhere!) shouldn’t be burnt. It is a form of trauma. So doing a Brazilian is the last thing you should be thinking of.

What if I’ve had a few drinks the night before?

Like everything in the world, it depends. The fact is remains, alcohol increases the sensitivity of your skin, so you’ll need to extra “man-up” if you decide to excessively drink the night before.

The finishing touch….

After the wax, we apply a professional post-wax oil to help loosen any residue wax from your skin. We would then remove all traces of wax and oil with a fresh and clean hot towel. Finally, we apply a professional moisturising cream, to help reduce surface bacteria, add moisture to fresh skin, leaving a pleasant lavender and chamomile smell.


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