Synergie Minerals

Synergie Minerals is a toxin-free mineral makeup range, offering high levels of broad spectrum UV protection.

Protect: Synergie produces the highest grade mineral makeup specifically designed to protect all skin.

Change: The Synergie philosophy is based on stable, active ingredients and effective delivery systems designed to reprogram the skin from within.

Nurture: All products are formulated without the addition of cheap fillers and questionable ingredients such as parabens, dimethicone, artificial colours and artificial fragrances. The skin must be protected from toxin accumulation.

Synergie Clean Science Commitment

Synergie Minerals makeup is as much about what is not included in products as what is included. As part of our clean science philosophy and commitment to your health, all our products are not tested on animals and are free of:

PEG’s or propylene glycol
SLS or other sodium sulfates
Artificial colurs & fragrances

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