Phyt's Organic Skin Care

In 1972, biologist and naturopath Jean Paul Llopart joined forces with esthetician Rosanne Verlé to create PHYTAL, a natural cosmetics brand designed for estheticians. They laid the foundation for Naturo-Esthétique®, inspired by their revolutionary approach in which beauty is inseparable from overall health, linking ecology and a natural philosophy and thus becoming pioneers in the cosmetic industry. Organic skin care is not just about beauty. It’s about giving your skin a chance to look and feel at its best. And it’s about results. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Keeping it healthy with natural and certified organic ingredients will help fight signs of aging, heal faster and look better. Although appearance is not the most crucial factor, your skin does act as your “face” to the world.

PHYT’S offers you a choice of carefully crafted organic beauty products which target different skin types & conditions. The products’ formulations are based on ingredients taken from nature and that achieve the same results as products of chemical origin. PHYT’S is for discerning users who look for quality and effective products which will do their job without damage to the environment and to the user’s own health.

PHYT’S refuses to use plant material without a sustainability guarantee such as, for example, Palm oil which comes from sustainable forests in Colombia (South America).

When you use organic skincare, you choose products whose ingredients work with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin. You lessen the toxic burden on your body as well as support a healthier world and future generations.

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